Green Cheese and the Apollo Mission. A Question of Religious Fraud.

The Gaddy lawsuit against the Mormon "Church" (aka The Mormon Corporate Empire) has generated a telling series of responses. An apparent media blackout smacks of organized oppression of dissent by the very few corporate members of the American Oligarchy who control the press. Corporate shills, PsyOps operatives representing the interests of the "Deep State", and otherwise motivated contributors to social media discussion boards are engaging in the predictable exercise of creating a false and contrived appearance of consensus that the lawsuit has no merit. The well informed know better.

Paragraph 2 of the complaint is the surgically crafted knife that trims away the protected aspects of Mormonism from the question that now lies before the court in its disquieting potential for exposing not only the most offensive and indefensible aspects of Mormon fraud, but as well, the most serious challenge to the credibility of the United States Judiciary it has faced in decades.

Quoting from the complaint: "This is not a claim for propagating false religious beliefs as part of the Mormon Church. Rather, it is a claim that the material facts upon which Mormonism is based have been manipulated through intentional concealment, misrepresentation, distortion and or obfuscation by the COP to contrive an inducement to faith in Mormonism’s core beliefs. "

We all get that a religion formed around the belief that the moon is made of green cheese has an absolute right, under the first amendment, to profess that belief and to teach it as truth to anyone naïve enough to believe it. Over time, Darwin's natural selection will sort out the social ramifications of large groups basing their lives on absurdity. Utah's track record for unusual levels of chemical dependency, depression, suicide, child abuse, and business fraud speak clearly to this point. But let's be clear. This is not the question now before the court.

The metaphorical question now laid at bar by Gaddy, goes to the legitimacy of a multinational corporate real estate developer, masquerading as a religion, profiting from making the demonstrably false claim, as historical fact, that an Apollo astronaut actually brought back the green cheese, as an inducement to faith in the underlying belief that the moon is made of the stuff, and so, by extension, they should get 10% of your income and 90% of your discretionary time in slave labor.

The Apollo missions did not bring back green cheese. The claim that they did is not being made as a religious tenet, but rather, as a secular historical fact represented in support of the belief in a religious tenet. See the difference? If you don't, and if the court can't, then America's chances for survival are not likely to be defended by a superior alien species interested in the intellectual contributions of American Homo Sapiens.

To translate a book written on gold plates in reformed Egyptian is not the same thing as creating a book with the benefit of a vivid imagination enhanced by staring at a stone in a hat and calling that process a gift and power of God. That the claims of truth and authenticity are applied to the Book of Mormon by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is not the issue at bar, no matter how absurd those claims have been demonstrated to be by historical evidence. At bar is the question of an intentional misrepresentation of secular historical facts about how the book was created, knowingly and willfully made as an inducement to faith in absurdity for the profit of a multinational corporate real estate developer.

This is a fair, legitimate, reasonable, and responsible legal question. There is absolutely nothing frivolous about it. Unfortunately, the mere asking of the question, lays to bare such longstanding support for illegitimacy at so many levels of American society that it brings shame on us all to even confront. The shame is in the fact that it has not been confronted, and settled appropriately, long ago.

Does long established traditional avoidance of fair questions make them magically "unfair" to spare us the discomfort of intellectual growth as a society? Will the magical Mormon "urim and thumim" grant us social health and well being while we embrace absurdity and overlook the wide-spread injustice of fraud in order to preserve our social and economic alliances? Do we wish to be taken seriously by other nations or species?

While it is generally understood that the first amendment to the constitution solidly protects the religious right to believe and teach, as a religious tenet, something that is patently false and absurd, the Gaddy complaint makes painfully clear that the foundational religious tenets of Mormonism, however offensively ridiculous, are not the issue being brought to the bar.

In better American days gone by, a free and representative press (representative of original American values) would air out the subject matter fairly and thoroughly. To many it seems that today's press won't touch anything that might rock the boat of elite international corporations that dominate and control economic opportunity and political influence. The Mormon Corporate Empire is among this group.

Is this blackout because the lawsuit is frivolous? Is it because it is representative of bigotry? We think not. Rather, the lawsuit pins the United States Judiciary down against a question it has been trying to avoid for generations while exposing the most sinister and damning reality about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints with devastating clarity. This question alone could and should sink the Mormon Corporate Empire if it is widely and correctly understood in a rational society. This, potentially, is the fatal blow from David's sling targeted at the head of Goliath.

Predictably, unqualified contributors to discussion boards on the subject of the Gaddy complaint would have us believe that the lawsuit is a frivolous attempt at drawing media attention to the matter of the fraud of Mormonism with little hope of surviving a motion to dismiss by the Mormon Church. It would be disappointing to watch the press sit this discussion out, if it were not so predictably consistent with the behavior of what, in the 60's, we referred to as the American Establishment (Dominating Corporate and Political interests).

Will the Judiciary exonerate secular fraud as an inducement to religion while condemning it elsewhere? What will be the social ramification of that decision? Are we a just society? Are we a rational society? If God wondered if it was time for another flood to wipe us out and start over because of our intractable philosophical corruption as a species, what argument could be raised in favor of saving us?

Certain advocates of transhumanism have argued our highest value to be survival and technological immortality. Really? By whose scale would the "value" of our survival without a respectable notion of justice be measured?

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